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Sell more, more often, to more people

"... You have the energy, drive, passion, and the stop-at-nothing attitude. You’re cut from the cloth that it ACTUALLY takes to create success."

- Rob Dyrdek

“Luke’s best quality is his figure-it-out-ivness. The dude can just solve problems for your business or teach you exactly how to do it yourself."

- Jordan Palmer

“Plain and simple... Luke is a total baller. His pages sell."

- Chalene Johnson

"Luke inspires me every time he posts or releases content. Dude is the absolute BEST!"

- Brock Johnson

"I have literally learned more about online business from Luke in 4 months than I learned about all of business from my 4-year business degree."

- Kaleb Fossum


- Must be a brand doing at least $500,000 per year

- Must have an active traffic source (Organic Social vs Paid)

- Must have an active email list

- Must sell digital products or services


Offer Creation:

We'll dive into how to take all the knowledge inside your brain and deliver it to a customer both digitally (and physically). This can be done via courses, challenges, apps and other information vehicles depending on your brand's positioning.

Customer Journey Strategy:

From the very first view until a repeat purchase, we'll build a complete customer journey and external communication flow to increase your customer's Lifetime Value and affinity to your brand.

Copywriting & Email Marketing:

We'll put the best strategies into place via email, SMS, onsite, and social copy to develop a brand voice that sells like hell.

Funnel + Web Build:

After understanding customer journey, we'll build your digital real estate online to convert customers (more than once).


- Help put more money in your pocket as the creator & entrepreneur

- Give you time back by taking stuff off your plate that you hate so you can stay in your zone of genius

- Deliver a rad customer experience for your tribe of people


* You keep all work product created during working sessions.

- $5,000 for a full consulting day (8 working hours)

- $2,500 for a half consulting day (4 working hours)


If you need support for an entire project, pricing varies depending on services:

Copy: Starting at $5,000

Build + Design: Starting at $7,500

Offer Creation: Starting at $5,000


The next step is simple.

If you're interested in seeing how we can accelerate profit for your brand...

⚡ Email with the subject line "profit acceleration".

Write as much as you wish.

I talk to you like a real person so I'm asking the same... Tell me how it is and what you're looking for.

* [insert one sentence rant]

If you want uptight dudes in suits demanding deadlines for bullshit SOPs and long weekly zoom calls, check Madison Avenue. I'm easy to work with and know what TF works in the market so let's sell like hell, yeah?

To more money in your pocket, my friend.

Ride the lightning,

Luke Bockenstette


Is there a more automated way to do this? Of course.

But I'm not here to save time just yet.

And anybody that gives me their time+ effort, regardless if they're a client or potential client, deserves a real human-human correspondence.

You aren't a data point - you're a real person with a real business and real problems to solve.

I'm here to see if us working together would even be beneficial to either of us before moving forward.

I'll meticulously study your brand before moving forward to see if it's a good fit.

If not, then no worries and hopefully you get value regardless.

Sound fair?

If so...

Shoot me an email at with the subject line "profit acceleration".