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And We'll Teach You How to Reach "Unreachable" People, Get the "Ungettable" And Build A Network Of A-List Brands Ready To Give You Their MONEY 

And We'll Teach You How to Reach
"Unreachable" People, Get the
"Ungettable" And Build A Network
Of A-List Brands Ready To
Give You Their MONEY 

* No Experience or Degree Required *


Kaleb Fossum (Brand & Networking Expert) and Luke Bockenstette are childhood best friends turned business partners, creators, and entrepreneurs.

Responsible for over $5,178,923 in sales online and over $458,000 worth of results from cold messages, The Send It Method reveals their framework for creating life-changing opportunities.

* Kaleb Fossum (middle, long brown hair) & Luke Bockenstette (far left, hat+ blonde hair) on Rob Dyrdek's podcast, Build With Rob.


That’s what we used to say to each other in high school.

It meant that we thought Kaleb was gonna score a touchdown on the opening kickoff of the game.

And he did, too. 8 times his Senior Year.

It was kinda like Tony Stark...

In other words, that’s confidence.

With that confidence, we have a question to ask...

What do you learn from writing, sending, and testing hundreds upon hundreds...

Of different messages worth over $458,000 worth of value?

Or over $5,100,000 in sales online?


How about this question…


That's what we want to share with you today.

We've condensed 12 years of full-time writing and learning into a 10-part masterclass delivered via email.

An email masterclass on creating opportunities for yourself out of thin air.

Think about this for a second…

- Have you ever wanted to land a job but felt under-qualified?

- Have you ever wanted to work for a company but they’re not even hiring?

- Have you ever wanted to land a dream client but NEVER actually talked to them?

Yeah, sure you have.

- What about having your favorite brands send you free products in return for 3 iPhone photos?

- Or even sending a message to a college for a scholarship… know anybody in your life that could use that?

Using a few secret methods, we’ve done every one of those things.

And then taught students how to do the exact same thing for themselves.

We’ve found how to send emails, direct social messages and even texts that can change your entire life which means...


... Or “earning it by paying your dues first”...

... Or gaining a huge following to influence people...

You don’t have to worry about struggling to find a job that pays right.

Yeah, even during the crisis of 2020 our students didn't have to worry.

You'll know what works and what the rest of the world is doing.

*** PSA: … what the rest of the world is doing is…. EXACTLY THE SAME THING.***

(If you’re the type of person that submits your resume via Indeed or LinkedIn… we’re talking to you).

It basically means that the "standard" way of reaching out to people doesn't work any more.

It takes something different.

We’ve done all the work for you to know EXACTLY how to create opportunities in your life from scratch.

Struggling, unemployed or just plain f*cking lost?

Yeah, been there done that. Both of us.

We get it.

It's not your fault.

There truly is another way.

Another way that not only works but is also a method you can enjoy.

... No more writing lame cover letters that feels like chewing cardboard or pulling teeth.

How would you like your life to change in less than 2 hours?

... By writing messages to land jobs, opportunities and clients whenever you want - FAST.

This will be worth far more than a college degree and a mountain of debt.

It’s the greatest skill you could learn because it’s recession proof.


Yet, so few people have actually mastered the art.

That’s where you have the biggest opportunity of all before everybody learns this.

All you need to understand is a few key principles.

Then use those while following proven structures to create the life you want - on demand.

So how can you learn these key principles and secrets...

... That we've uncovered over 12 years of trial and error...

... To get these formulas in front of you?

We’ve taken everything we’ve learned after unlocking over $458,000 worth of opportunities...

... Opportunities such as scholarships, clients, partnerships, free products and more…

Then condensed it into a 10-part masterclass that you can consume in the first half of a football game.


Could you learn all this on your own? Sure. It's possible...

You could send hundreds, even thousands, of messages with no replies to people in your world.

... If so, have fun. It works (trust us.) It just takes a looooong time!

You could spend the $4,291 to learn it like we did...

You could spend 12 years looking at your inbox...

You could test every word and subject line...

You could come up with your own methods, formulas and structures.


You can take this course and learn ALL THIS in less than 100 minutes.

87 minutes.

Two episodes of your favorite show.

You'll learn...

- How to get an internship

- How to land a job when the company isn’t even hiring

- How to land your dream client as a service provider

- How to have massive brands send you free products

- How to land a scholarship

- How to partner with major influencers

And more.

All while getting PROVEN structures and methods that work far better than...

Cover letters, resumes and transcripts.


  • ​​The Secret Messaging Tactic - And How To Use It To Change Your Life
  • ​How A Dropout And A Failed NFL Hopeful Used It To Unlock OVER A Million Dollars In Potential Opportunities (*Updated!)
  • How To Save Hours Of Researching Every Time With One Simple Trick
  • ​The Most Important Aspect Of Every Message
  • How To Write The Perfect Message - Every Single Time
  • How To Use The Hemingway Style To Write Messages That Convert Like Hell
  • The Three Different 1% Secrets To Always Standing Out
  • ​How To Find Emails Of CEOs, Celebrities, And Coaches With Ease
  • How To Go From “Cold To Warm To Hot” Before You Send Any Messages


10 Master Videos On How To Land Opportunities
You'll know exactly what to do - all the tactical strategies

Exact, Done-For-You Message Templates That Only Take 5 Minutes To Fill In
Copy + Paste messages so you know what to send, when to send it, and why

Bonus Research Screen Records For Every Opportunity
Watch us do the exact things we're telling you to do

The Best (FREE) Resources You Can Use To Gain An Unfair Advantage
Save $$$ that other courses charge you - we'll let you know how to get results first

Lifetime Access
No membership fees here

106X ROI

It took us six years and over $4,291 to learn these methods but it helped us create $458,000 worth of value.

That's a 106X ROI.

So it makes sense for us to release this method for at least the price we paid: $4,291.

... But we didn't.

We thought we'd release it for $997 like it deserves to be.

... But again, we thought the end goal was more important.

Hint: the end goal is helping our customers and improving lives.

That's why the investment for The Send It Method is a measly $297.

UPDATED: Due to rapid inflation, the investment for the Send It Method is just $97 one time.

This sale will not last.

... It's less than a Doordash delivery for two.


Okay, truth be told...

We named this after John Wick because that's how much I set it up for your time and investment to be protected.

Here's what I mean:

We 100% guarantee you'll love this course and find it to be the most valuable resource in your arsenal when it comes landing clients, building your network, and unlocking life-changing opportunities for yourself.

And we'll even take it a step further...

If you try these methods for 60 days, and don't believe it was worth your full investment...

We'll refund your entire investment.

That's right.

... This means you get a full 60 days to test this out.

If you don't find that it gave you everything you need...

Just email Luke at and he'll take care of it directly.

John Wick has your back and so do we.

Sound fair?

Ride the lightning,
Luke Bockenstette & Kaleb Fossum


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