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* Didn't know if you were gonna show up...

Showing up fashionably late was cool in high school.

It's not anymore.

Knock that shit off.

I’m kidding.

That’s what the internet feels like nowadays though, right?

Every brand or guru...

... Says their methods are the only ones that work.

... Just listen to them or else you're wrong.

... You're falling behind.

... Fork up all your money to buy their products.

Blah blah blah blah blahhhhh.

The truth? Most gurus and creators are miserable.

They sell high-margin products to struggling people...

... So they can “buy stuff they don’t need to impress people they don’t even like.”

That’s why I'm a bit more uncommon here.

The mission is to help creators earn more, work less, create cool shit, and chase energy.

"Rad... What the f*ck does this actually mean, though?" - you, probably.

The whole vibe here is to create a COLLABORATIVE COMMUNITY of creators that wanna live fulfilling lives as they define it - NOT society.

My friend...

Your dreams are reachable and valid - regardless if you just wanna record cooking videos on Youtube, pay a few bills writing an email newsletter, or build a 7-figure personal brand.

Any of those are achievable for you.

Your past self has basically had to scratch and claw your way to get here through endless feeds of ads, gurus, and Tik Tok "promises".

It's not your fault.

While you may have tried things before, we’re gonna create an authentic lifestyle for you together with others just like you to guide the way.

Don’t worry - you're not alone.

We’re gonna do it using a specific lifestyle acceleration method known as "chasing energy."

At the end of the day...

All I’m trying to do is serve you valuable content and products that help you break your own expectations and build the life you wanna live...

...So you can ultimately ditch me to create your own legacy.

That's full transparency for you, my friend.

Because if you're still just consuming Chase Energy content...

... And not utilizing it to build yourself a better life...

I'm not doing a real good job of helping you.

So if that sounds rad and you wanna know where to go now...

Keep reading as we answer your questions via a simple Q&A style.

Let's riff, yeah?


Chase Energy is a digital corner of the internet built to help creators & entrepreneurs:

Tackle all the mental and emotional shit that holds you back - like imposter syndrome, money blocks, and all that

Learn how to write, speak, and think for yourself - the stuff you need to persuade people to do what you want

Build or scale an online business as a digital creator and service provider - all the tactical things needed to sell online

Design an authentic lifestyle full of things YOU actually wanna do - this is the "real stuff" that you never learned in school


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When you sign up you get access to:

1.) The Freedom Scrolls: A uncommon guide revealing 69 real-world secrets to help creators do what they *actually wanna do: earn more, work less, create cool shit, and chase energy

2.) Bolts Access: A near-daily email that you can read in 4 minutes or less with tips, strategies, tactics, stories, and other findings (*delivered via digital carrier pigeons)

👉👉 GET LEARNT: The Digital Product Library

1.) The 90 Minute Workday Book: How to make as much as doctors, dentists, and probably even your dad in just 90 minutes per day by writing at a 3rd-grade level - no degree or experience required.

2.) The Send It Method: A co-masterclass with brand and networking expert, Kaleb Fossum, on how to reach "unreachable" people, get the "ungettable" and build a network of A-List people ready to give you their money - even if you're a beginner.

3.) Cashflow Campaigns: After sending thousands of emails myself and having a network of writers with access to lists full of millions of people, you can skip all that. Instead, let me do the work and then send you 5 proven sales-getting email templates every month.


Chase Energy is me - AKA Luke Bockenstette.

It's a corner of the internet that I call my own.

(I say that because it's one of like 11 places on the internet that Bezos or Zuckerberg don't own.)

Amongst lots of things, I'm just an entrepreneur and creator trying to make cool shit and help others to do the same.

... You're not actually here for my story. At least I don't think you are. But if you are (*smiles widely*), you can click this tiny link below:


The why is simple.

This is my creative pursuit.

We all need one (keep reading a few more lines and you'll see what I mean).

Through digital content, services, and products I get a chance to serve others on this journey with the things I've come to learn so far from my experience.

These are the ways I hope to help you on your path to lifestyle liberation.

Through physical products, I get to bring my creations and ideas to life in a tangible way.

They're here to serve, inspire, and bring us together.

Collaboration always beats competition.


Viktor Frankl was one of the greatest psychiatrists and philosophers who relentlessly studied the human condition, existentialism, and the meaning of suffering.

He believed that every single person needed a cause or a pursuit in their life.

They need a purpose.

Most people's purpose is to find happiness.

I think that's stupid.

It's not their fault - that's all they've been told growing up.

But the issue with that is...

If happiness is a destination, then that means the journey to finding it doesn't have it.

It basically means you can never be happy if the goal is happiness.

The other issue with happiness is that it's fleeting. It dissipates like breath on a frigid night.

If you were to finally find it... then what?

That's where energy comes in.

I use the word "chase" as the active word for pursuit.

And why energy?

Because when you chase the things that give you energy...

... Like business, impact, community, or connection...

It's never-ending and it allows for happiness and joy to be experienced through the pursuit.

That's the vibe.

That's the goal.

So let's chase the energy together, yeah?

Ride the lightning,

Luke Bockenstette


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